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Private Day Nursery

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Payment Terms and Holiday Entiltlements


A non-refundable deposit of one month's fees Is needed to reserve the nursery. If the number of sessions decreased less than 1 calendar month prior to the start date the deposit will be lost otherwise this amount will be used as payment for the first month's fees.


Fees MUST be paid in advance


Fees are charged calendar monthly and can be paid by standing order, cheque or cash. Alternative arrangements can be made in extreme circumstances.


If an account is not paid on time the nursery reserves the right to decline admission of the child until the account is brought up to date.


We are closed all bank holidays and from 1pm on Christmas Eve re-opening on the 2nd January.


Bank holidays are charged at full rates



Fees structure:


Session                                                Time                                         Fee   (0-3yrs)           Fee (3-5yrs)


Morning including lunch                  (7.30a.m to 1p.m)                 £27.25                        £25.50


Morning not including lunch          (7.30a.m to 11.15a.m)           Not available            £20


Afternoon including lunch              (11.15a.m. to 6p.m)                £29                             £26            


Afternoon                                           (1p.m to 6p.m.)                      £20                             £20


Full Day                                               (7.30a.m to 6p.m.)               £46                              £45


Full Week                                            (5 full days)                             £205                          £195




Morning nursery session, lunch plus school nursery drop off : £30.00


Morning nursery session, lunch, school nursery drop off and collection : £45.00


School nursery collection, lunch and p.m nursery session : £30.00


Extra hours can be added on to sessions at an extra cost if space is available.


We are able to offer 15 hours free flexible care and education per week for all children the term after their 3rd birthday and also to some eligible 2 year olds.


£25.00 will be charged for late payment of fees.


Please remember that the nursery closes at 6pm.


A £15.00 fee will be charged for children leaving up to 15 minutes late unless special arrangements are made.


A fee of £25.00 will be charged for any child that is still at the nursery after 6.15 pm.