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Private Day Nursery

Logo Policies



We reserve the right to contact parents if we consider that your child is too ill to remain at the nursery. Children with contagious conditions must be excluded from nursery. The recommended exclusion policy is provided on joining the nursery. Sick days are charged at full rates.


Clothing and personal property


Parents are asked to provide a full spare set of clothing in a drawstring pump bag, Slippers and Wellington boots. Nappies and nappy cream if appropriate.


All personal items must be named.


Equal opportunity policy


Within the nursery all children and adults are equally respected and treated as individuals, taking positive account of gender, religion, ethnic origin, disability or marital status.




There is a minimum weekly attendance of 2 half-day sessions or 1 full day.


Adhoc attendance's


Extra days can be booked on a weekly basis if the sessions are available. These days cannot be swapped with one of your child's regular days. These sessions are charged at the full session rate and are to be paid for on the day they are taken.




It is necessary to give I months written notice of leaving or reducing sessions at the nursery. In extreme cases the nursery would be entitled to give 1 months written notice for a child to leave. Non-payment of fees would lead to immediate exclusion.

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